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Vocal Department

The Artist-Scholar Credo

As an artist-scholar at SPA:

  1. I humble myself by entering each space with the mind of the beginner.

  2. I believe that talent is not a substitute for training.

  3. I understand that disappointment and discomfort can lead towards mastery and self-discovery.

  4. I commit myself to the creation of meaningful, shared experiences.

  5. I am always auditioning.

Our Department Vision

The Vocal Conservatory at SPA strives to equip its young artists with conservatory level training and the necessary skills to excel in a college conservatory of music. This will be done so in the following ways:

   -Students will receive a rigorous and widely used       curriculum that includes healthy vocal techniques,   introduction to vocal pedagogy, music theory, lyric     diction, music history, performance experience, and   overall musicianship.

   - In becoming a musician, the vocalists at SPA will   develop their understanding of their instruments,   learn collaborative tools applicable in any field.

  -Not only will vocal majors receive rigorous training, but they will also partake in many opportunities to build long -lasting relationships, and deepen their artistry and awareness of the world through their love of the arts.

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